Embracing safety at every level of Atlas is the key to our success.

Safety is a core value at Atlas Trenchless, LLC where we strive to provide quality work in the safest environments. We are diligent in our focus on the safety of our employees, customers, and the communities we serve by promoting safety at all levels of our organization. We are proactive in providing quality, interactive, and timely training to all employees on safety and environmental regulations.

All employees are empowered with “stop work” authority if there is any potential danger or compromised environment. We recognize in our industry many hazards are apparent and we are committed to removing or mitigating all hazards on the job sites.

Strong Safety Culture

Every action undertaken by Atlas employees considers the safety of all people on the job site before implementation.

Job Safety Analysis Reports are completed daily and or even more frequently if changing conditions warrant.

All employees are empowered to correct any unsafe conditions immediately.

All employees are certified in OSHA 30, CPR Training and Confined Space/Competent Person.

Any near miss incidents are reported immediately to a supervisor and a thorough review is performed in order to prevent future occurrences.